Audi Car Maintenance

Our Audi technicians have both the passion and unrivalled expertise to care for your Audi and keep it maintained to the highest possible standard.

Below you will find out ways to ensure your Audi stays in the perfect running condition: 

Free Audi Health Check

Our complimentary vehicle health check will inspect all key areas on your Audi and ensure all components are safe and performing at their optimum level. 


AdBlue is employed in certain Audi diesel models in order to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and, just like your engine oil, it must be kept at the correct level.

Your Audi will let you know when you’re within 1,500 miles of requiring an AdBlue top up, and then you can either bring your car into your nearest Audi centre, or refer to the video below to top it up yourself.

Oil Change

Maintaining the right oil level is essential to keep your Audi running smoothly. Your oil will usually be changed when your car comes in for a service, or you can refill it at home using the video below for guidance.

Navigation Updates

Roads are always changing, so keeping your maps up to date will ensure you continue getting from A to B hassle-free. We recommend annual map installations for your Audi, so speak to your nearest Audi centre when yours are due an update.

Audi Maintenance at Home

When it comes to minor maintenance, or utilising all the features your Audi has to offer, our useful guides will keep you right so you can do it yourself at home. Of course, we’re always here if you’d prefer a helping hand.

Drive Select

Interior Lighting

Virtual Cockpit


Tyre Checks

Wheel Changes