Macan Electric BEV

Porsche luxury, redefined electric power

Porsche Macan Electric

Young. Urban. Electric.

The Porsche Macan Electric combines classic Porsche sports car design, the DNA of a compact SUV and powerful electric capability to create a dynamic, all-electric vehicle that's at home wherever there's a buzz.

Elements such as a the characteristic taillight strip at the rear, broad shoulders over the rear wheels, twin exhausts, sporty styling and coupe like sloping roof all bear the Porsche styling and ensure the Macan BEV is unmistakably a city sports car. 

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The Porsche Macan EV, the fully electric version of Porsche's popular compact luxury SUV, is a highly anticipated addition to the brand's lineup, and it does not disappoint in style or performance, whether you select the Macan 4 Electric or the Macan Turbo Electric:

Macan 4 Electric
5.2s - acceleration 0-62mph with Launch Control
• 300kW / 408PS - overboost maximum power with Launch Control
• 137 mph - top speed

Macan Turbo Electric
• 3.3s - acceleration 0-62mph with Launch Control
• 470kW / 639PS - overboost maximum power with Launch Control
• 162 mph - top speed

Luxury Driver Experience

The interior of the Macan Electric does not disappoint, with a highly digital cockpit and individually configurable curved display, alongside integrated App Centre and Apple CarPlay, every drive is guaranteed to be a pleasure.

Long drives are no longer a cause for concern with an electric powered car, with innovative charging built into the Macan BEV, enabling 800V high-speed charging with up to 270 kW - for a range of up to 321 - 381 miles. 

The single speed gearbox provides maximum torque for impressive power. It also boasts steel spring suspension, PASM and a high capacity, high-performance battery. 

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