Hybrid Servicing

Lexus Hybrid Servicing

Lexus is a pioneer in the development of luxury hybrid vehicles since 2005 with the introduction of the RX400h. Since then, the availability of Lexus Hybrid Drive technology has been expanded to the majority of models in our range, excluding the RC F V8 - this is  an achievement unmatched by our rivals. So, who better to tend to your hybrid Lexus than the Lexus Certified technicians at your local Inchcape Lexus.


Many people assume it costs more than average to service a Hybrid vehicle but this is not true. Lexus hybrids don’t contain the clutch or starter motor, plus; the brakes last longer thanks to the regenerative breaking system.

These are some of the more problematic components in normal vehicles and, as such, you’ll actually notice reduced servicing and repair bills when compared to an equivalent petrol or diesel vehicle. Unlike diesel cars, hybrids don’t require expensive particulate filters to achieve lower emissions thanks to their already efficient system.


We offer a five-year / 60,000-mile Lexus warranty as standard with every new hybrid vehicle.

Hybrid Health Check

The Lexus Hybrid Health Check is designed to keep your hybrid in top working condition and is available for only £59 or free with a service at your local Inchcape Lexus. Our authorised Lexus technicians are graduates of the Lexus Certified Training programme and are respected experts in their field. By entrusting your hybrid with our team, you can be confident that your hybrid will get the attention it deserves.

We recommend you book your hybrid in for a health check on an annual basis to ensure your optimising its efficiency. The Hybrid Health Check consist of:

  1. Battery Check to analyse the condition of the battery
  2. Drive system check to analyse the fuel consumption of the drive system
  3. Cooling system check to analyse the operation of the cooling system

Furthermore, you’ll receive a full itemised report on your vehicles health with no obligation to commit to any further work. Book your Hybrid Health Check at Inchcape Lexus and you’ll get a one year or 10,000 miles of hybrid battery extended care (whichever comes first)so book today for certified peace of mind with the Inchcape Lexus hybrid health check.