Genuine Jaguar Parts

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At Inchcape Jaguar, we only fit genuine Jaguar parts using Jaguar approved technicians.

Each part is carefully designed to meet Jaguar’s high standard of quality and performance. In addition, you can rest assured that your warranty will be unaffected, as you have come to a Jaguar Approved Service Centre.

Benefits of Genuine Jaguar Parts

✔  Every genuine Jaguar part comes with a 2-year guarantee
✔  Guarantee a perfect fit first time
✔  Fitted by our highly skilled Jaguar technicians
✔  Rigorously tested to ensure high durability and safety 

Jaguar Approved Brakes

Jaguar were one of the first disc brake innovators and their current range of braking technology is designed, developed and tested in the most rigorous conditions to ensure optimal performance, whatever the conditions.

Genuine Jaguar brake pads and discs are ready for anything. Boundaries are continually pushed to make sure they always live up to the standards you expect.

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Jaguar Approved Exhausts

A genuine Jaguar exhaust delivers the best level of fuel economy and performance. Designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 700 degrees Celsius, these stainless steel exhausts deliver power and optimise your driving experience. Some sports exhausts also enhance the sound of your Jaguar adding to the unique driving experience. 

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Jaguar Approved Wheels and Tyres

Genuine Jaguar wheels and tyres are relentlessly put through their paces to ensure they perform optimally, and cope with any road surface and conditions. Rest assured, you and your vehicle are experiencing the best.

All Jaguar wheels are put through a program of tests like no other with a 12 week corrosion test, Pendulum Impact Test and X-Ray checks, only once an alloy has passed is it put on sale.

Inchcape Jaguar also stock a range of Jaguar approved tyres specially designed for the configuration of your can to complement the driving experience. 

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Jaguar Accessories

Inchcape Jaguar also stock and fit a range of Jaguar approved accessories for all Jaguar models to further enhance the styling, practicality and driving experience of your Jaguar. 

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