BMW Tyres For Winter Offer

0% APR Finance Available Over 3, 6 or 10 Months on Genuine BMW Winter Tyres.

Genuine BMW Winter Tyres With 0% APR Finance available over 3, 6 or 10 months

Perfect preparation is your way to enjoy unique winter moments. With Genuine BMW winter tyres you enjoy sheer driving pleasure even in the colder months of the year.

To keep you ahead of the winter weather, our tyres are developed in close collaboration with selected premium tyre manufacturers and designed to match you and your BMW. Whether safety or style, accelerating or braking, traction or inspiration: make this winter your winter.

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The Four Eternal Truths When It Comes To Winter Tyres

It’s all about shorter braking distances.

It really pays off to equip your BMW with the perfect tyres. Winter tyres clearly offer safety benefits on winter roads: the safety bonus is especially obvious if you compare the braking distance on snow – in particular at higher speeds (62 mph in the example below) on motorways or highways.

Reading A Tyre

Numerous letters, numbers and symbols are shown on the sidewall of every tyre. Amongst other information, this labelling indicates whether the tyre is a winter tyre. For this, the tyre must bear the 3PMSF symbol, commonly also referred to as the snowflake symbol. The tyre size, the tyre type, the maximum permissible speed and the maximum load rating are also displayed on the outer sidewall of the tyre. The BMW star marking indicates the outstanding quality of the tyre. It guarantees that the tyre has been specifically developed for your BMW model.

Every millimetre counts.

What tread depth should a tyre have? In most European countries, a depth of at least 1.6 mm is required by law. However, for safety reasons and to maintain full performance, BMW recommends a minimum tread depth of 3 mm for summer and 4 mm for winter tyres.

Winter never begins on a particular date.

Taking a look at the calendar won’t tell you when to switch to winter tyres for your BMW. Look at the thermometer instead: from temperatures below +7° C winter tyres offer significant benefits and increased safety compared to summer tyres.
BMW Outside Tempeture Check