Toyota Connected Cars

A whole new suite of connected services available through the MyT smartphone app

Wherever you go, you can communicate with your Toyota

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Stay in control of your Toyota from your smartphone. Using the MyT app on your smartphone, wherever you go, you can communicate with your car*. Plan journeys from home, find your car, optimise your driving, receive driver analytics, and service & maintenance notifications.

Step 1:
Download the app 
Step 2: Register 
Step 3: Verify
Step 4: Connect to your car

Remotely lock and unlock your vehicle from anywhere in the world

Below details just some of the key features of the MyT app:

✔ Find my Car - Helps you locate your car wherever it is parked
✔ Share To Car - Simple way to plan your journeys from the comfort of your home with the MyT app
✔ Spot My Car - Allows you to turn on your hazard lights to help you find your car in the busiest of car parks.
✔ Driving Analytics- Monitor your driving history by retrieving past driving data, average speed and convenient business and general driving style analysis.
✔ Service & Maintenance - Helps keep your Toyota performing at it's best. You can book a service on the MyT app and stay informed of any upcoming services. 
✔ Toyota Public Charging Network- Our subscription which gives you access to multiple charge points across the UK and Europe
✔ Warning Lights- Receive active warning light notifications with user-friendly explanation of they mean, the level of urgency and the next possible steps you should take. 
✔ Fuel Level- Remotely check the fuel level of your Toyota on the MyT app. So you can plan any required fuel stops in advance of your journey.
✔ Remote Lock / Unlock- Not sure if you locked your vehicle? Not a problem, The MyT app will notify you if you leave your vehicle unlocked, you will also be able to lock your car directly from the smartphone app for greater piece of mind.

Through the MyT app, Hybrid Coaching gives you contextualised coaching on how you can improve your Hybrid driving, based on your previous journeys. So you can make the most of EV mode to lower your fuel consumption and minimise your environmental impact.

Monitor your car battery status and schedule charging at a time that's convenient for you with remote control charging. Use climate control to easily defrost your car in winter months, as well as, pre-set your desired cabin temperature in advance of your travel - all from the comfort of your smartphone.

The MyT app also has a host of additional features including; Find my Car, Share to Car, Spot my Car, Driving Analytics, Service & Maintenance Reminders, Toyota Public Charging Network information and many many more.


How to setup Toyota Connected by using MyT App

You can download a how to guide here for the Toyota MM19 (Touch 2 & Go)

You can download a how to guide here for the Toyota Smart Connect and Connect +
You can download a how to guide here for the Toyota Smart Connect - Aygo X, Yaris and Yaris Cross