Proace Electric

Discover the Toyota Proace Electric

Toyota Proace Electric

Benefits of the Proace Electric

Discover the benefits of not only silent but zero-emission driving efficiency while enjoying reliability and performance. The Proace Electric is a van suited for all your business needs. 

The benefits of Proace Electric include: 
  • Fast charge in 48 minutes depending on rapid charging power ratings
  • Up to 205 miles range depending on driving conditions
  • Choice of power - 50kWh and 75kWh
  • Zero emissions whilst driving
  • Save on fuel and maintenance 
  • Government grants up to £6,000
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Moving to an electric vehicle will save you money on your petrol or diesel and servicing in the long run. 

Servicing an electric vehicle is quicker and cheaper than traditional vehicles. With no oil to change, fewer moving parts and reduced wear on brake pads and discs from regenerative breaking, you’ll appreciate how quickly you can get back on the road.

Cheaper electricty and a simple maintenance schedule helps your business save on every job.

Charging your Proace

Charging your Proace is convenient, easy and available with 3 options depending on your needs. 
  • You can charge your Proace electric from a normal plug socket
  • Install a wall box so you can leave your vehicle to charge overnight
  • Use one of the public fast charge points to get to full in 48 minutes* 
*Charging times are subject to local circumstance. Rapid charging power ratings can vary by location.


Flexible load

Proace Electric offers a spacious 1000kg payload with the 75kWh battery and a 1,226kg payload with the 50kWh battery and has a 1,000kg towing capacity to meet your business needs. It's Practical rear door access is provided by low-loading floor and clever storage design of the vehicle battery means it doesn’t take up valuable load space.

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