MINI Aceman

First All-Electric MINI Crossover

MINI Aceman

First-Ever All Electric MINI Aceman

Order From 12th June 2024

Meet the MINI Aceman arriving at your nearest Inchcape MINI dealerships in June 2024. A completely new all-electric MINI 5-Door Crossover SUV – and its one designed to put the emotion into e-motion.

Key features of the all-new MINI Aceman include: 

✔ Up to 252 mile range
✔ Octagonal grille
✔ Choice of 3 style options, Classic, Sport and Exclusive
✔ Roof rails come as standard
✔ Digital matrix LED taillights 
✔ 17"-19" alloy wheels with a MINI twist
✔ Horizontally in one long curve floating dashboard
✔ Transparent floating central console which opens at the top and extends into the rear
✔ Newly interpreted toggle bar, the only analog control element
✔ Using sustainable materials and only recycled plastics, the MINI Aceman has been crafted with the highest attention to detail and quality

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Choose Your Own Experience Mode

Personal mode is all about personalising the displays. You can select from an array of subtly animated background images which are accompanied by curated sounds and projected onto the dashboard.

Examples include:

✔ Clouds moving across the sky
✔ Waves breaking on the shore
✔ Shimmering water in a swimming pool

Contact your nearest Inchcape MINI dealership to be one of the first to experience the MINI Aceman.

The Pop-Up Mode is the first experience-oriented navigation to be offered in a MINI – it even includes the element of surprise. Get inspired about where to go by selecting an experience category such as dining out, events, trends, or even spinning an animated wheel of fortune.

Vivid Mode makes every journey in the MINI Aceman more playful, interactive and fun. In this mode, you can create a completely new interactive design for the entire display area whenever the vehicle is stationary.