Motability Test Drive

hether you intend to drive the vehicle yourself or elect a nominated driver to get you from A to B, test driving a Motability car  is an important step. A test drive will allow you to check how comfortable and suitable the vehicle is.

Motability car test drives can be arranged at any of Inchcape Volkswagen’s Motability Centres — simply arrange yours by contacting your nearest dealer. Book yours today and follow the tips below to ensure that you get the most out of your drive:

Test driving the right Motability car for you

Do not rush your test drive. You won’t learn a lot if you drive under a mile around the block from a dealership. 

Instead, get to grips with the car by driving it on a variety of roads — through city centres, along dual carriageways, across minor roads and speed bumps and in both open-air and multi-story car parks

Will you be driving your Motability car across long distances? You should arrange a longer test drive to check that the vehicle remains comfortable for miles at a time. 

It is also a good idea to have someone with you when going on a test drive, as they may notice things during the test drive that you don’t. If you will have a nominated driver, you should bring them along on the test drive too. 

When it comes to booking a Motability car test drive, it’s best to arrange the meeting in advance. This is so that your local Inchcape Volkswagen Centre can appoint a Motability Specialist to accompany you throughout the drive, who will share their expertise as you get to know the vehicle. 

 Specify whether you want to test a manual or automatic Motability car and any particular Motability adaptations

What to look out for before a Motability car test drive begins checklist

A Motability car test drive isn’t just about the drive itself — check all of the below before you leave the dealership:

  • Are you able to unlock the car’s door with ease?
  • Is it easy to open and close the vehicle’s boot?
  • Is the boot spacious enough for you?
  • Can you comfortably get luggage, equipment and your mobility aids into and out of the boot?
  • Are the car’s door handles comfortable to use?
  • Are you able to comfortably get in and out of the car?
  • If the vehicle is designed with handholds and/or supports, are these suitable for you?
  • Do the car doors open wide enough for you to enter and exit the vehicle comfortably?
  • Once opened, can you easily close the vehicle’s doors?
  • If you use a wheelchair, can you transfer from it into the car seat easily and vice versa?
  • Does the fabric of the seat make it easy or difficult for you to enter and exit the car?
  • Can you easily lift your legs into the car or are the vehicle’s sills not low enough?
  • Once in the vehicle, is the height and shape of the car’s seat comfortable?
  • How many ways can your seat be adjusted?
  • Can you easily see from every angle once seated in the Motability car?
  • Are you able to reach all of the vehicle’s controls without any strain?
  • Can you comfortably turn and stretch for the car’s seatbelt?
  • Do you have enough headroom?

Checklist when test driving a Motability car

Here’s what to cover when it comes to taking a Motability car out for a test drive:

  • Is the car comfortable to drive?
  • How easy is the car to reverse?
  • Can you park the vehicle comfortably?
  • Are you able to perform a hill start in the car with ease?
  • Have you tried out all of the features that come fitted to your Motability car as standard? Are they suitable for your needs
  • If there are adaptations that you require on the vehicle, can these be fitted?

What to do after test driving a Motability car

First things first — if you have worked your way through our checklists and have queries, speak to our Motability Specialist about your concerns. There is a good chance that they will be able to recommend an improvement or adaptation. 

You aren’t limited to just one test drive either. Feel free to request another test drive of the same vehicle during different conditions or arrange for test drives of multiple cars that you are interested in.

 If you have one, take in the considerations of your nominated driver, though don’t let them over-influence your choice. The bottom line is that this will be your car first and foremost. 


You should now have all of the information required on how to test drive a Motability car.

Our Motability Specialists are looking forward to meeting you and helping you select the best vehicle for your needs.