Choosing a Motability Car

Buying a Motability car is a large investment, with the vehicle likely to be used on a daily basis for years to come. Therefore, you should take the time to ensure the vehicle you select is perfect for you.

Inchcape Volkswagen’s Motability car buying checklist covers all of the vital points that you need to consider when choosing your brand new Motability car. Work your way through the list below and don't forget to;contact one of our dedicated Motability specialists if you have any queries:


Before we begin working out the best car for you, we’ll need to make sure that you are eligible for the Motability Scheme. An initiative set up to enable disabled people to get mobile by exchanging their mobility allowance in order to lease a new vehicle, you can join the team if you receive one of the following disability benefits (with at least 12 months’ award length remaining):

  • The Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance (HRMC DLA), with the allowance set at £57.45 a week as of April 8th 2015.
  • The Enhanced Rate Mobility Component of the Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP), with the allowance set at £57.45 a week as of April 6th 2015.
  • The War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement (WPMS), with the allowance set at £64.15 a week as of April 6th 2015.
  • The Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP), with the mobility element of the allowance set at £57.45 a week as of April 8th 2015.

If you have ticked one of the four boxes above to confirm you’re eligible for the Motability Scheme, please continue to work through the rest of the checklist. 


  • What is your budget for a new car, taking into account your allowance? It’s best to have a maximum amount in mind and stick to it no matter which vehicle it is that catches your eye.
  • How much will insurance and road tax be for the new car you want?
  • What is the tax rate of the vehicle that you are planning to purchase? Our Motability specialists will be able to tell you this if you’re unsure.
  • Does the car that you’re interested in come with free servicing, extended warranty and/or roadside assistance?
  • Do you have to pay for any toll charges while driving your car? Think about any tunnels or bridges that are involved in your commute, as well as whether you live in an area with a congestion charge.

Finding your perfect type of car

  • Which of the following is your preferred fuel system — petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric?
  • Which body style do you have in mind — estate, hatchback, MPV or saloon car?
  • Do you want your car to be manual or automatic?
  • Do you plan to use your car regularly for short commutes or long drives?
  • Will you want your car to have three doors, five doors or more?
  • Will your vehicle be towing a caravan or trailer on occasion?
  • How large will you need the boot of your new vehicle to be? You will want plenty of space if you are carrying bulky sports equipment or a wheelchair in the car, for example.
  • Will you be more often driving along a motorway or around a busy city centre with your new car?
  • Do you require any special controls or adaptations to be fitted to your new vehicle? If you’re unsure about these, be sure to look at our Motability adaptations guide before heading to a dealership.

Ahead of visiting the dealership

  • Have you booked an appointment with one of our Motability specialists ahead of your trip to a dealership?
  • Will someone be coming with you to the dealership? It’s recommended that you have company — especially a person with some knowledge of cars — as they may think of questions that you haven’t considered.
  • If you are going to be nominating a driver instead of driving the new car yourself, will they be able to come to the dealership with you? They should be given the option to at least test drive the vehicle you have in mind before you make a purchase.
  • Have you packed your wheelchair or any other mobility aid that you use ahead of your visit to a dealership? You will want to ensure these items are easy to load and unload in the new vehicle that you plan to buy.

Once you’re at the dealership

  • Have you asked one of our Motability specialists every question that is on your mind about the new car that you plan to buy and the Motability scheme itself? They have expertise on both subjects, so make the most of any discussion that you have with them.
  • Have you requested a test drive of the vehicle that has caught your eye? This should be planned whether you intend to drive the car or be a passenger in it. For tips on what to look out for when on the test drive, view our Motability car test drive checklist
  • Have you asked if your current car can be traded in to the dealership? Its value could be taken off the Advance Payment that you have to cover for buying your new vehicle.
  • Do you plan on naming a driver under the age of 25 on the insurance policy of your new vehicle? If so, be sure to speak to one of our Motability specialists about any young driver restrictions that may apply to the car that you plan to purchase.

By this point, hopefully you have filled in everything on our Motability vehicle checklist Now all what’s left to do is to head to your nearest Inchcape Volkswagen Motability dealership and buy your perfect new car. We look forward to seeing you.