Discover Hybrid

Hybrid driving is more popular than ever before. How could 7 million people be wrong?

Hybrid Mythbusters

Are hybrids are actually bad for the environment? Do they drive differently to normal cars? Are they only suitable for short journeys and are they really slow to drive? These are just a few of the many inaccurate myths regarding hybrid driving, which Robert Llewellyn, host of the new in-car chat show Carpool, addresses in this Mythbusting video.

Hybrid Benefits

There are a number of reasons why Hybrid driving has become so popular. Find out what you stand to gain from switching to Hybrid.

Simple to Drive

The Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system is fully automatic and will essentially adapt to your driving style in a way that saves you money and fuel. So, apart from a few in car features that help make your drive more efficient, Hybrid driving is essentially no different from any other automatic. Hybrid Synergy Drive technology means you’ll get far more out of a hybrid vehicle than a normal car – more miles per gallon, more money in your pocket. A hybrid car will waste far less energy by adapting to suit your driving style whether your driving 70mph down the motorway or stuck in standstill traffic. 

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Save Money

Everyone knows that hybrid driving saves you money on fuel – this is because Hybrid Synergy Drive allows the vehicle to choose the most efficient method of power for different driving styles. However, it also saves you money in other ways:

  • Hybrid drivers qualify for free road tax.
  • The Yaris Hybrid model is congestion charge free
  • The Toyota Prius Plug-in qualifies you for a Government Grant of up to £2,500! 

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Built to last, 90% of all the hybrids we've ever sold are still on the road today, in fact, 80% of hybrids worldwide are built by Toyota so you can be confident we know what we're doing! Hybrid vehicles contain fewer parts so servicing is simple and costs similar to normal cars. Consider visiting your local Inchcape Toyota for a hybrid health check on an annual basis for just £39 or free with a Toyota service. 

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Save the Environment

Hybrid makes a difference. Thanks to Toyota hybrid vehicles, 34 million tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution has already been removed from the atmosphere. At 93,000 miles, a Toyota Prius will have emitted 37% less CO2 than comparable diesel vehicles. Furthermore, around 1.2 billion litres of petrol have been saved by our hybrids compared to same-sized petrol vehicles.

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