Mercedes-Benz Warranty

One of the key reasons for buying a Mercedes-Benz, asides from being a beautiful vehicle that’s a pleasure to drive, is its reputation for quality and reliability.

This will obviously put you at ease when purchasing one of these cars. But to give you further peace of mind, every new Mercedes-Benz vehicle sold through the network comes with a comprehensive three-year warranty.

You’ll be able to take to the roads knowing that you’re covered as you travel across the country and beyond. You’ll even be covered for two years from the registration date while travelling across a variety of European countries too.

If anything does go wrong, the warranty will cover all items on your vehicle manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, meaning you’ll be able to get them repaired and be back on the road in no time.

The warranty also includes two-year cover on Mercedes-Benz genuine parts from the date of purchase, while accessories ordered alongside your vehicle come with three-year cover.

Although the warranty does cover repairs caused by manufacturing faults, it doesn’t cover costs of maintenance, servicing, accidental damage, or the cost of replacing items that require replacement due to natural wear and tear.