Lexus Tyre Videos

These short videos will reveal everything you need to know about Lexus tyres. Whether aquaplaning or preparing your vehicle for harsh seasonal driving conditions with winter tyres, these videos will show you how to drive away in safety, comfort and style.Just select what you're looking for from the following list.


Wet weather can cause hazardous conditions for road users. In wet weather it's essential that your tyres have enough tread depth to remove water from the road surface, so it can grip the road and stay in control.Without adequate tread depth you face an increased risk of your car aquaplaning, which means you could lose complete control of your vehicle.

Winter Tyres

During the winter months it's not just ice and snow that make our roads slippery and difficult to drive on, even cold and damp conditions can make driving a dangerous task. Winter tyres have been developed to provide much better grip and safety in all of these conditions.

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