The 4MOTION all-wheel drive increases safety on wet and slippery surfaces and makes the Passat Alltrack a real off-road star. 4MOTION offers the best possible stability and grip on slippery surfaces like snow and ice because the wheels interact, compensating for sudden losses in traction. It prevents wheelspin on wet roads. And, combined with an electronic stability program, it means you’re even safer.

Cut a good figure – no matter where you go.

The new Passat Alltrack is made for rough terrain but it cuts a good figure on the street too. Its striking design immediately tells people that they are looking at a very special Volkswagen indeed. Greater ground clearance, bigger wheels and lots of other details underscore the adventurous character of the new Passat Alltrack.

DSG dual-clutch gearbox

With our groundbreaking DSG dual-clutch gearbox you have two clutches, resulting in fast, smooth gearshifts and uninterrupted driving. And if you want to take control, the gear lever's Tiptronic function lets you change to sportier, manual mode.

Frequently carry a lot of luggage in your car? Then you will be pleased to hear that the new Volkswagen Passat Estate offers 650 litres of space in its boot. If this still isn’t enough, make some temporary alterations to the car’s cabin — positioning the boot floor differently and folding the back seats, for example — and increase the storage space to a huge 1,780 litres. Intrigued by the new Volkswagen Passat Estate? Browse the entire range below and check out our new Passat Estate offers page to see the eye-catching deals we have available on this impressive vehicle. 
The new Volkswagen Passat Estate encapsulates the mantra ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’. The Passat has long been praised for its superb levels of refinement and the new Volkswagen Passat Estate continues this trend. Even when travelling at high speeds, the car is designed to keep you almost entirely isolated from engine, wind and road noise.










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