The new Volkswagen California presents the perfect balance between a commercial vehicle packing plenty of space and one that offers superb levels of ride and handling.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

You’ll be surprised at how relaxing the new Volkswagen California is to drive. Take it out onto the open road for the first time and you will quickly notice that the camper van offers a very smooth and quiet ride. Even when you approach a series of bends and turns in the road, the new California is easy to direct.

Camp in style

Does the idea of setting up a tent and sleeping outside put you off camping? The new Volkswagen California offers the perfect solution. This is because the rear bench can be folded flat once you have reached a camping site, which results in a spacious and fully padded double bed. Have more than two people on your camping trip? Not to worry, as there’s a fold-out roof bed accessible above the front seats too. Our full collection of new Volkswagen California camper vans can be viewed below, though don’t forget to also check out our brilliant selection of new California offers as well.










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