Things just keep getting better for the city slicker; the interior of the smart fortwo is tailored to keep you on top of the action. With a raised seating height, perfect for spotting that parking space ahead of the crowd, and an adjustable steering column, make the city experience truly yours. With the central dash possessing everything you need for a fun drive, and the option for a dash-mounted touchscreen, ultimate entertainment is at your fingertips.
City cruising just got easier with the smart fortwo; a combination of street smart and road savvy that makes the urban jungle your playground. This twist on the classic smart formula brings charm and capability to your drive, perfect for zipping around. Cutting a fine figure, the smart fortwo takes the best of city driving and compacts it into a capable cube. From the ground up, it’s crafted to make navigation simpler and parking easier in the urban environment, where every inch counts. Measuring just 2.7 metres long and 1.66 metres wide, the fortwo is small enough to fit into the snuggest spaces and alleys that the city can throw at you; aided by one of the tightest turning circles the car world has to offer. Say goodbye to 5-point turns, and hello to smooth steering.









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