Understanding the Importance of 'Approved' and 'Official' Parts

Our cars are among the most valuable things we’ll ever own, so it makes sense to look after them as best we can - and that includes the parts used when we maintain, repair or modify our vehicles. You’ll probably hear ‘approved’ and ‘official’ banded out by garages and mechanics as a selling point – but what does this mean and does this make a difference?

Warranty issues

First of all, if your car’s still relatively new, then it could be covered under the manufacturer warranty. Forgetting everything else, not using genuine parts could invalidate your warranty, so it’s important to recognise whether this applies to you before letting someone work on your car or ordering parts for it yourself.

Are genuine parts best?

Irrespective of your warranty situation, ‘approved’ and ‘official’ parts are specifically engineered or supplied by the manufacturer of your car. As they’re made to the exact same specification as original parts, they’re best for properly correcting any issue you may have. Plus, they should fit first time, and come with a warranty that protects you in case something does go wrong. 

As well as quickly and efficiently correcting problems, genuine parts are built to last. Parts that are produced more cheaply will use lower quality materials, which go on to deteriorate faster. Repairing your car with a low-quality part might cost less at first, but it’s an example of false economy as you’ll probably have to pay out again when it fails sooner than an approved or official part. 



Why are they best? 

In addition to their authentic design and superior build quality, genuine parts are also tested to ensure they’re up to scratch. This helps to highlight any manufacturing issues, so you can be sure you’re getting a reliable part that’s going to last. If it doesn’t, that warranty will come into play. 

With approved and official parts fitted to your car, you can be more confident that you’ve got a safe, reliable machine underneath you. This is especially important with things like your brakes, steering, wheels, and other areas that are paramount for safety. 



What are the other benefits? 

On top of keeping you as safe as possible when you’re behind the wheel, using genuine parts can also help to maintain the value of your car. Sticking to approved and official parts when you have something done to your car will help its residual value, while having it serviced at a main or approved dealer will protect the integrity and value of your service history. 

At Inchcape, all our servicing centres are manufacturer-approved and only ever use official parts. If your car’s in need of a service or MOT, book online today.