The Best Colours for your XE

When buying a car, one of the most important things is choosing the right colour.

Everyone has different tastes, some want a simple colour and others want something that is really going to stand out.

Here at Inchcape Jaguar, we offer a wide range of colours for your Jaguar XE to ensure that you get the Jaguar that you want. Here are a pick of our favourites…

Ebony Black Solid

Jaguar XE Black

The black works really well with the new Jaguar XE and suits its new bold styling. We really like how it combines with the silver trim around the window and front grille.

Polaris White Solid

Jaguar XE White

With the XE in white the black grille at the front really stands out which makes the car look excellent. The combination of black and white throughout the car works really well and brings out all the details of the car.

Italian Racing Red Metallic

Jaguar XE Red

We like this shade of red because it looks really sporty and is a bit different. On a sunny day there is no better colour than the Racing Red, it glistens wonderfully in the sun.

Tempest Grey Premium

Jaguar XE Grey

If the black is a bit too bold for you, then the Tempest Grey is definitely the colour you should choose. It balances a sporty and luxurious look perfectly, which is what the XE personifies.

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