The best colour options for your Lexus RC F

The Lexus RC F is the highest performing Lexus in the current crop and with its new, image-defining grille dominating the front end, it is a really great looking car.

For such a good looking car, it is important that is has a stand-out paint job to match, and with these colours that Lexus offer, there is no question that you will stand out on the road.

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Lets take a look at our favourite colours to have the RC F in…

Hollywood film icons supporting Lexus short films

Lexus call this colour ‘Azure Blue’ and it looks great on the car. It is a very bright colour, so there is no chance of the car being missed on the roads and it also brings out the big black front grille that adds to the cars sporty look.

‘Solar Flare’ the new colour of Lexus

This colour makes the blue look calm. It is named ‘Solar Flare’ and is about as out there as you can possibly go in terms of car colour. That is what having a RC F is all about though, standing out on the roads. Not for the shy, but the bright orange really gives the car a cutting edge.

The Lexus RC F Silver Dynamic

This colour is named ‘Sonic Silver’ and it goes with the black grille in perfect harmony. The silver gives the car a good balance between sporty and luxurious, which will be seen as a great combination by a lot of buyers.

Looking forward to 2015 with Lexus

The final colour we have picked out is named ‘F Sport White’ and it really brings out the front grille. In white, you can really see every curve and detail that makes the RC F such a beautiful car. Simple yet very, very effective.