The best accessories for your Lexus RX

The Lexus RX is the face of progress in the luxury crossover market and is a car engineered without compromise and is capable of being the class-leader in the highly competitive sector.

There are plenty of handy extras you can add to your RX depending on what you need and what your lifestyle consists of. Here are our favourite accessories..

Rear Bicycle Holder

If biking is something that you do then this is the perfect accessory for you. It is a lightweight and high strength holder so it won’t affect the cars performance at all and will keep the bikes perfectly safe.

Car Cover

With winter upon us it is important that you keep your car shielded from the environmental extremes. It can also protect the car from summer dust, ensuring your car is kept fresh all year round.

WiFi Hotspot

In the modern world it is important to stay connected at all times. With the Lexus WiFi Hotspot you can do just that as the car becomes a mobile hotspot. With this, important emails can be sent and videos can be watched at anytime.

Dog Guard

As much as you may love your dog it is important that it stays out of the cabin, especially if you have just been on a muddy walk. The floor to ceiling guard clips easily into place and provides a nice are for your dog to travel in.

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