Family Car Checklist: How to Tell if You've Found the Right Model

Whether you’re after a car that’s going to be suitable for a newborn, or something you can fit all the kids and dogs in, there are plenty of things to consider when you start searching for a family car. Here we take a look at some of the most important things you should ask yourself when you do.

Is it big enough?

Probably one of the key concerns you have in mind is whether you’re going to have enough space to get what you need comfortably into your car. That can be anything from car seats for babies, to older kids, animals, shopping, sports gear, and luggage for trips away. 

If your family’s going to expand then make sure you have enough seats for everyone, and that their growing bodies are going to fit the headroom and space behind the front seats. Plus, look at how much boot space there is, and how easy it is to access it. Do you need to put seats down to get enough room, and what’s the load height like when it comes to lifting your shopping bags or dog into the boot? 



What’s the storage like inside?

As well as plenty of seating and luggage space, storage is also important when it comes to everyone being catered for inside your car. From things like pockets on the back of seats to compartments set into doors, you’ll appreciate the space whether you’re just nipping out on the school run or going on holiday in your car.

Is it fuel efficient?

If you’re out every morning and afternoon on the school run, then you’re going to want a car with strong fuel efficiency. As well as being good for the environment, you’re going to save time and money when it comes to filling up. If you fancy taking the step into electric motoring, look out for models like the BMW i3, which has excellent fuel economy thanks to its hybrid engine, and is perfect for families with its five doors and hatchback boot. 

What’s the ride like?

If your kids are prone to making a little bit of a racket when you’re in the car, the last thing you’ll want is a loud engine adding to the noise. As well as a quiet ride when you’re at the wheel, it’s a good idea to look out for models with more forgiving suspension for a more comfortable drive. While Mercedes AMG, BMW M Sport and Audi S Line models feel great in some situations, you probably don’t need the sportier handling for the school run.

Will it make your life easier?

It can be tough going looking after your family, so it’s crucial that your car makes things as easy as possible for you. From things like handy controls on your steering wheel to features like automatic tailgates like you get on the Mercedes GLC, the added extras you get with your car can make a massive difference to your daily life. 

Will it make your kids safer? 

Likely to be your number one priority when choosing a car for your family, you’ll naturally want to pick something with the highest safety rating possible. Models like the Volkswagen Polo are known for being nice and safe, while imposing SUVs like the Audi Q7 could also be the way to go.

What sort of tech does it have? 

With the onset of driverless technology, lots of new cars come with great driving aids like emergency braking and lane control, which can act as an extra pair of eyes and help to keep your little ones even safer. Plus, models like the BMW 7 Series with features like self-parking capability mean you can hop out of your car and simply press a button to park up.