Benefits of buying a Pre-Reg/Nearly New Mercedes-Benz

For many of us, buying a new car is the second biggest financial decision we will make.

What if you could buy a new car without the price tag though? This is where nearly new cars come in.

For the most part, nearly new cars are either cars used as demonstrators at a dealership or those that have been pre-registered - cars where the retailer has bought the vehicle from the manufacturer and registered it with the dealer as the first owner.

Commonly these cars are built to a high specification, with many of the most desirable or useful optional extras already fitted to the vehicle - after all the dealers know what customers really want and what the cars really need (and don't need) to make the car best it can be. While you won't be able to specify a nearly new car to your own tastes, you won't be faced with the dilemma of what options to go for and you're likely to find a vehicle to suit your needs anyway, with the options essentially fitted for free!

As the car has already had an owner - the retailer - they're usually available at a significant discount from the new price, but come with none of the downsides you'd expect from a used car. While Inchcape Mercedes Benz does offer an excellent selection of approved used vehicles, they are subject to the rigours of time that a nearly new car simply won't suffer from. This means you'll have next to no wear and tear on your car as well as the overwhelming bulk of the manufacturer's warranty remaining, offering even better peace of mind.

You'll still be able to get finance on your nearly new car, albeit on a much smaller sum, and there's no need to wait for delivery as the car will already be waiting for you.

To find a nearly new car to suit you, visit your nearest Inchcape Mercedes centre.