Great Accessories for your Audi

When you buy an Audi, you're getting a well-specified premium vehicle.

Even with the generous standard specification though there’s a further selection of personalisation options available to the buyer.

Spoilers and Styling

You can make your Audi more your own with the addition of a rear spoiler or carbon mirror caps. For a more sporty effect, you can add a rear diffuser or front splitters, also available in carbon fibre finish. A stainless exhaust finisher, in single or twin pipe form, adds a little extra to the rear if you're less of a fan of overt styling pieces.

For the inside of the cabin, there's a variety of styling films, to bring a personal touch to some of the interior trim pieces.

Dog Guard & Harness

Dogs love little more than being with their humans, so Audi Accessories has a dog harness to tether the pooch in the back seats. There's a variety of harnesses for larger and smaller hounds, ranging from £50 for the smallest size and up to £95 for an extra-large.

A dog guard is also available, meaning that the dog can be kept separate in the boot when required - say, after a trip to the beach or a roll in something unpleasant.

Roof Box

Although Audis offer a competitive load space in the cabin, an additional roof box is incredibly useful, especially for family camping holidays. It's available in three sizes: small (300l); medium (370l); and large (405-480l). The box is locked and secure leaving you with no worries over the safety of your things.

Bike Carriers

A bike rack can be fitted alongside the roof box, or on its own, atop the car cabin. Available across all Audis, the carriers are also available for bicycles with a detachable front wheel. The rack keeps bikes safe and secure, both on the move and when parked up, so it's a worry-free way to transport your bicycle.

Cool Box

The box uses the 12 Volt socket located in the boot, and has a 12 litre capacity for your picnic food and drink. Peltier technology keeps the cool box 20 degrees below local temperature and it can be detached and taken away, to be used as a portable lunch box - useful for keeping your food fresh when away from the vehicle.

The cool box is available on its own or as part of a touring package. This pack also comes with a rear seat storage bag, a waste bag and an Audi sport umbrella.