The BMW Servotronic System Represents The Future Of Power Steering

BMW's Servotronic System - the future of power steering?Power steering has been a common inclusion to modern day cars for many years now, but most recently BMW have yet again looked to push the technology to even greater heights with their own system called the Servotronic steering.

Where this differs from conventional systems is what makes this device so unique. Conventional systems rely on the RPM of the engine when determining the assistance needed for the driver, whereas the servotronic system’s assistance is determined by the speed of the vehicle in question.

Maximising Comfort

This in turn maximises the comfort for the driver whether it be cruising on the motorway, or parking in a tight space. It achieves this by an electromagnetic valve which accurately controls the amount of force applied by the steering hydraulics when the driver is turning the wheel.

For instance if the driver needs to turn the wheel quickly in order to park in a tight space the valve distributes more assistance and therefore allow the steering to become much lighter, the reverse effect being the case on the motorway when steering input is reduced to a minimum value by the driver, this in turn boosts stability and allows for a much smoother drive when gathering speed.

First of its Kind

The system is the first of its kind and it will be interesting to see whether many of the "big boys" in the car industry decide to follow suit in allowing the driver a much smoother system when it comes to steering their car.