Land Rover Defender increases power with a Corvette V8 Engine

Land Rover Defender increases power with a Corvette V8 Engine

As we already know, we could be waving goodbye to the beloved Land Rover Defender from next year, but that certainly hasn’t stopped the incredible engineers at Twisted Automotive tuning up the impressive 4X4.

The Defender is set to be like no other, including special features such as a high performance suspension along with the insanely powerful 523bhp LS3 V8 engine seen in the powerful Chevrolet Corvette.

Charles Fawcett, the current director of Twisted Automotive and Land Rover enthusiast, insists that other than the power increasing up to 400bhp over the standard Defender engine, he guarantees all other features have remained true to the Defenders design. He stated, “Every single one maintains the integrity, character and iconic stance of the base vehicle.”

“What makes a defender a defender must remain, this is not a vehicle that will suit everyone nor should it ever be compared, it’s a unique owner experience, one to be enjoyed from the first moment”.  Charles added.

Land Rover are determined to send their Defender off in style, with the delivery of three unique limited edition models set to hit the UK in April. The line-up will consist of the Autobiography Edition, Heritage Edition and Adventure edition, helping relive the Defenders incredible history.

The models are currently set at a price range between £27,000 and £61,845. To find out more about Land Rovers impressive Defender 4X4, contact us today.