Skoda Yeti or Mini Countryman?

All MINIs have a distinctive and instantly recognisable look to them, and with the Countryman range, you get this identifiable image in a stockier frame to give you more space and practicality.

The stylish bodywork helps to make the Countryman a tantalising option in the CUV sector and with great additions and features to match, it’s difficult to see why you wouldn’t choose it.

However, it has competition from Skoda’s Yeti, a CUV similar in size and price and both cars have their good elements.

For starters, both models have had recent redesigns to create more space and alter their looks to be more modern and up-to-date. It has to be said that the Countryman certainly looks less conventional than the boxy Yeti, with the distinguishing features of the MINI range, such as the shape, the headlights and front grille, to make it truly stand out on the road.

The size of both models also make them very practical, with the smaller Countryman offering 350 litres of space in the boot with the seats up. While the Yeti has 66 litres more, it's in a car 20cm longer and 10cm taller. This means you can get more for your money in the Countryman, especially as the range starts off cheaper than the Skoda.

Customisability has also long been part of the appeal of the MINI, and with the Countryman this is no exception. With MINI’s design additions that can be fitted to the whole range, you can personalise your Countryman as much as you wish. Also you can fit satellite navigation, stereo system, leather trim and ‘Run-Flat’ tyres to your model; great options that can be added to any of the range. Good options aren’t as easy to come by on the Yeti, as the better choices to fit are only available further up the Yeti model range, whilst almost all are compatible with every Countryman model.

The Yeti packs in some great off-road usability with the optimised Yeti Outdoor model, while MINI offers the ALL4 all-wheel drive system throughout the range. With a higher ride height and great grip on offer, the Countryman ALL4 system will give you confidence both on and off road, with only a small premium on top of the two-wheel drive versions.

If you need an automatic car, the Countryman offers the best choice, with a 6 speed automatic available on any vehicle in the range, while the Yeti can only be specified with the automatic option on select models.

Overall, with a wider variety of vehicle and equipment options, value for money and great 4x4 system, the MINI Countryman is the better option of the two, and with the great looking bodywork to encase you, why wouldn’t you want to drive it?

The MINI Countryman is available from £17,105 in One specification, with the top of the range 218hp John Cooper Works All-4 starting at £28,985.

For more information on the Countryman or any other models in the MINI range, contact your nearest Cooper MINI dealership.