MINI 5 door vs 3 door

The release of the five-door MINI Cooper means there is now even more choice for the MINI lovers among us – which is sure to leave a few people with some tough dilemmas.

There are a few differences between the cars – but there are some similarities, too making the decision between the two all the more difficult.

Here at Cooper MINI, we want to help – so let’s look at the two models to see which one would suit you best…

Sideways on, there is a clear difference – the rear doors give the car a slightly more family-car look. The standard Cooper on the right looks sportier than the five-door model, but the five-door option offers more versatility.

If you’re going to be travelling with more than one passenger on a regular basis, then we suggest then the five-door option is perfect – it’s practical and very stylish.
However, if you rarely have the rear seats occupied, the three-door model is the one for you.

For prices and specifications on the five-door Cooper, click here
For prices and specifications on the three-door Cooper, click here

From the rear, there are quite a few differences. The five-door model has a larger-looking rear, slightly curved and longer than the standard model. A much squarer rear is visible at the back of the three-door version that makes it look smaller and sportier. The boot is slightly larger in the five-door Cooper, making it more practical, although the boot space in the three-door is sufficient for most needs.

From the front there is very little difference between the two Coopers. If you couldn’t see the doors to count them, we doubt very much you would be able to tell the difference at all.

Both look sporty and have the circular lights that are trademark on MINIs across the range.
MINI saw no need to change the look of the front end – and as it’s one of the most iconic shapes in the automotive industry, that makes complete sense to us.