Why the F-Type is the ideal sports car for Winter

Jaguar's F-Type has thoroughly gripped the motoring world.

Combining beauty, power, handling and noise, it's one of the most in-demand sports cars of the moment, but with the UK's annual stretch of inclement and downright unhelpful weather some potential owners may be put off.

This is where the F-Type AWD comes in. Of course an immediate reaction would be that since it adds four-wheel drive it's automatically a better car for wintry weather, and while that's true the F-Type goes much further than that.

Initially you won't notice any difference between the regular rear-wheel driven F-Type and the AWD car, as it operates a torque-on-demand system with an electronic front clutch, which doesn't deliver any power to the front wheels unless it's required.

The AWD powertrain itself features a control system called Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD). This system networks the rear differential, centre coupling and the stability control, continually monitoring road surface friction by taking data from acceleration sensors, and wheel position sensors, to provide optimum torque distribution.

In addition to this, the driver has access to a new setting in the Driving Dynamics selector: Rain/ice/snow. In this mode the IDD system is more intent on delivering four-wheel drive manners to keep you safe in unpleasant conditions.