Ultimate Volkswagen family cars

With children and responsibilities comes boring family cars, right? Wrong. Oh, so very wrong.

Volkswagen have two exciting estate cars in the R and GTD which are sure to tickle your fancy if you want to keep your life entertaining and sensible.

If you have always dreamed of having a fast, nippy Golf but can’t squeeze the kids and stuff into the back of the hatchback no matter how hard you try, don’t panic. These estates will offer you the space and power that you’re yearning for.

For power and thrills there is the Golf Estate R. It’s quick – very quick. The four-wheel-drive system on the R gives the car superb handling in all conditions, so once the kids are safely in the classroom, you can throw it round some corners and have some real fun. When the road is clear, it’ll catapult you from 0-62 in 5.1 seconds – that’s real excitement!

Things look just as good on the outside with its stylish extended body, choice of sporty alloys and twin-double exhausts. Those friends who secretly laughed when you said you’d need to upsize won’t be smirking any more – they’ll be wanting to join you.

Even with all the power and performance the car offers, it will still do 40.4mpg – that’s a lot of school runs – and offers the driver and passengers great comfort thanks to its modern, sporty interior.


As good as the R is, VW still offers a second option for someone looking for the ultimate family car. The Golf Estate GTD is slightly less insane than the R, but offers great performance and excellent economy.

The GTD can manage an impressive 64.2mpg – so you can enjoy the performance with fewer pit stops at the petrol station.

Its 2.0-litre TDI engine will also get you from 0-62 in 7.9 seconds, plenty fast enough for the average family car buyer to still have a bit of fun and to shock other parents at the traffic lights.

It has a more understated look than the R but still has a choice of alloy wheels, a sporty front end and sleek styling.

Inside, it offers all the luxury and space that a family car should have, as well as plenty of equipment. What’s not to like?

The Golf Estate R and GTD are excellent family cars. With starting prices at £33,585 and £28,285, you get a lot of car for your money. The admiring glances outside the school gates come for free…

And the good news doesn’t end there. VW and Inchcape are also offering a £2,000 deposit contribution.

Go on…. try it!

The small print bit…. the offer mentioned above has a representative APR of 6.4%. More details are available at https://www.inchcape-volkswagen.co.uk/cars/volkswagen-range/golf-estate/ and all the prices were applicable at the time of publication. Terms and conditions apply.