Top 5 BMW i Collection Accessories for 2014

BMW Collections allow you to supplement your car with a range of merchandise, all of which aim to tie into the distinctive personality of each BMW model.

The BMW i Collection is no different, extending the all electric and hybrid electric series’ use of greener technologies into solar chargers, bags, ballpoint pens, and other accessories. An excellent gift for a BMW fan, or something that can build upon your ownership of a new BMW i, it’s worth reviewing some of the top accessories currently available, and finding out more information from your local Cooper BMW dealership.

1. Solar Charger

The BMW i3 is distinguished by its long battery life and ability to convert a battery charge into a significant amount of energy. The BMW i Collection solar charger is ideal for loading up mobile devices and MP3 players, and also has a USB port that can be connected to your i3’s battery to speed up charging time. It takes around 12-15 hours of sunlight to charge the device, and around 2-3 hours of charge time from your battery to get to full power; the solar charger is also compatible with all leading smartphone manufacturers.

2. Urban Mega Shopper

This tote bag comes in olive leaf-tanned leather and felt fabric, and also uses PET plastic. The Mega Shopper bag is spacious enough to fit in a separate laptop bag, and also has separate pockets for phones and other items. The blue handles and use of olive leaf-tanned leather makes the bag similar to the look of the BMW i3 and i8, and also retains models’ focus on reclaimed and recycled materials. The bag’s use of PET, or PolyEtheyle Terephtalate, also makes it a conscious example of your commitment to recycled consumer goods.

3. BMW i Ballpoint Pen

Another item to look out from the BMW i Collection, this ballpoint pen comes with Copper and Aluminium coating, and also shares the i3 and i8’s colouring through its use of silver and blue. The pen features die cast zinc and the logo inscription ‘BMW i. Born electric’. The cartridge for the pen can be replaced, meaning that it’s likely to be an item that you can continue to use for years without having to make a significant change. Even better, the high levels of copper in the pen makes it one of the safest to use in everyday situations, with recent NHS trials showing that copper-touch surfaces resist infection more than other metals.

4. BMW i Notebook

Again highlighting the BMW i series’ green credentials, this notebook features recycled PET material and comes with a blue flexistrap and brown leather covering. The cover has a BMW i logo, and features a cotton canvas for the label. The felt look cover can be switched over to a new block of paper, meaning that, like the BMW i Ballpoint pen, it can last for a long time. Use the notebook for keeping track of your mileage or sketching out ideas for your next trip.

5. BMW i3 Miniature Replica

Although this miniature car isn’t available until March 2014, it’s still likely to be a must-have item for BMW fans. The success of die cast models, and BMW’s particular appeal for collectors, has long been established. Popular replicas in the past have been created for the BMW 3 and 5 Series, as well as for M models and other cars.

The i3 miniature will feature black and orange colours, and will provide a faithful reproduction of the shape and design of the model.