Our Favourite Fictional Car Models from Film, TV and Game - Ranked

From high-speed chases to mid-air stunts and sheer good looks, the right car has the ability to bring a film, TV show or game to life. With creative imaginations allowed to run wild, writers, producers, directors and developers have come up with some real crackers down the years. Here’s our top five favourite fictional car models. 

5. Mario’s Kart

You don’t need to be a gaming whizz to have a great time with Mario Kart. If you’ve ever played it, you’ll know that it’s an absolute blast. And you’ll also know just how impressive Mario’s go-kart is. From tight turns to extended drifts around corners and super fun power bursts, these things would sell like hot cakes if they made them. Even better if they could figure out how to power up with mushrooms, although the kart doesn’t handle banana peels too well. 


David Hasselhoff’s trusty companion, Knight Industries Two Thousand, may have been modified from a real car, but there was little real about KITT’s capabilities at the time. A car you could talk to, that would drive itself? Utter madness. And yet here we are a few decades later, navigating our way through infotainment systems with voice control, letting our cars park up for us and apply the brakes as we edge closer towards fully autonomous vehicles. Some things haven’t changed though. No one can pull off a leather jacket and shirt with three buttons undone quite like The Hoff. 

3. Red Bull X2010

We all know just how talented the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen are. But those guys wouldn’t be able to perform like they do without teams of gifted engineers doing the sums, testing their innovations and building their creations. However, those same Formula One engineers are governed by rules and restrictions. Imagine what they could do if they were allowed to run free with their ideas. Well, imagine no more. Renowned Red Bull designer Adrian Newey got the chance to do just that, thanks to the Gran Turismo gaming franchise. He created the stunning X2010, capable of reaching speeds beyond 300mph while subjecting the driver to a whopping 8G of gravitational force. 

2. DeLorean

Now, you might find the DeLorean’s inclusion on this list to be a bone of contention. You may or may not know, but the DeLorean Motor Company actually existed, producing its one and only model from 1981 to 1983. However, a pretty heavily modified model was immortalised in the Back to the Future movie franchise, and it’s our list so we’re counting it. If you’re one of the unlucky few who’ve never seen the films, and had no idea what happened on 21st October 2015, you may be wondering what modifications it had. Two words: time and travel. 

1. Batmobile Tumbler

There’s been some pretty cool Batmobiles over the years, not least Tim Burton’s 1989 effort. However, Christian Bale’s Tumbler takes some beating. With Morgan Freeman’s dulcet tones introducing Bruce Wayne to his new ride first seen in 2005’s Batman Begins, the Tumbler is no mere feat of CGI. It took a team of over 30 people more than nine months to design and develop, costing several million dollars in the process. The result was a 100mph, self-propelling, turn-on-a-sixpence, completely unique vehicle, which instantly catapulted itself into movie history as well as the air. 

And there we are. Honorable mentions must go to Grand Theft Auto’s sleek roadster, the Banshee, as well as Homer-Simpson’s eponymous ‘The Homer’ for its downright weirdness. Think we’ve missed one off our list? Get in touch and let us know.