6 Ways an SUV Could Supercharge Your Lifestyle

Utility by name, and utility by nature, SUVs have never been so popular. From towering behemoths like the Range Rover to smaller crossovers like the Evoque, there’s now a huge variety of different styles and sizes you can go for. As well as being great for safety and having lots of space to fit in all the kids and pets, owning an SUV can also open you up to new experiences and enhance your lifestyle. Here are six of the best.


Have you ever tried to tow a big caravan with a small car? It’s not much fun, and you can often feel a little unsafe even with a decent sized saloon pulling your temporary home along. Enter the SUV. Their size and strong engines are perfect for towing, meaning you can pack up your van and set off for as long as you like with the whole family spread out in the car. With endless possibilities when it comes to places to stay both at home and abroad, it’s little wonder caravanning is so popular. Many SUVs come with a tow bar, and these are the car of choice for most towers.


If you don’t have a caravan, the space you get with an SUV is going to serve you really well on a camping trip. Even if you’re only going away for a couple of nights, you still need plenty of space for things like your tent, clothes and sleeping and cooking gear. Throw in little ones or pets and you’ll need even more room still. With lots of load space and handy accessories like roof rails to add a roof box, you’re all set for a great experience camping under the stars.

Road tripping

Whether you’re heading off for a night or two, or going on a grand tour around Europe, road trips are great fun. You don’t need to tow your own caravan or camping gear, just load up your car and book a stay in a hotel, motel or B&B. If you’ve got kids or dogs, SUVs make road tripping a whole lot easier. With lots of space for your things, easy access for your little one’s car seat and luggage partitions for your dog, you could even invest in Land Rover’sPet Pack to make things as handy as possible.


Most SUVs come with a big tailgate that’s ideal for mounting a cycle rack on. Luxury SUVs like the Mercedes GLC come with an electric tailgate, so there’s no extra effort required to open or close your boot. Alternatively, you can get cycle roof racks, with many SUVs coming with running boards to help with getting your bike down easily. Strap your wheels on and explore the best trails in the UK, or take your bikes on holiday with you. From a leisurely pedal to serious mountain biking, cycling is great for all ages and fitness levels.


Taking your skiing gear on a plane, train or bus can be a daunting prospect. In fact, it could even put you off skiing altogether, especially with the high cost of renting what you need at a resort. You can reach the Alps with a day and a half’s driving, so get a ski rack insert for your roof box and load up all your gear like skis, boots, salopettes and plenty of funky ski jumpers. With SUVs driving more and more like regular cars all the time, navigating twisting Alpine passes is no problem.


With the Beach Boys blaring from the Harman Kardon speakers of your BMW X5, strap your surf board to the roof rails of your SUV and get ready to hit the waves. From Cornwall’s Watergate Bay, to Pease Bay in Scotland and Saltburn on the North-East coast of England, there are some great surfing beaches in the UK. You’ll have plenty of space to pack for a few weeks away on the continent though, allowing you to discover some of Europe’s best surf spots like San Sebastian, Biarritz and Peniche.

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