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 At Inchcape, our values are much more than just words; they are living beliefs shared by all our colleagues.

Based on 170 years of history our values help us to operate with genuine integrity and with a deep respect for each other. Our powerful Inchcape truly pioneering spirit forms the base of our culture, powers our business and allows us to contribute responsibly as well as sustainably to society.

Respect and camaraderie

People are at the heart of who we are, how we think and how we act; Inchcape is successful because of ‘us’. We celebrate diversity, we value and learn from each other and we feel proud to be working with the best. We have faith in each other and show each other real loyalty.

Winning together

We are strong as individuals, but we’re even stronger as a team. We are part of a rich global network, and together we achieve great things. We enjoy working with each other and we always achieve more when we do.

Treating every £ as our own

This is our company and we feel proud to be part of it. We see cost as a good thing, as long as it creates value. What we hate is waste, so we think before we spend.

Integrity without compromise

We have no ‘hidden agendas’. We have an uncompromising commitment to transparency and ethical principles. We believe in a straight talking, human approach. We take personal responsibility for what we say and do. In an industry not famed for trust, customers choose us for our clarity, honesty and realism.

Being always ahead

An intrepid spirit is the essence of Inchcape. We lead our industry by example. We liberate talent and prize initiative. We are prepared to take risks, drawing on our powerful global resources of creativity and insight.

Passionate about making a difference

We are committed to putting the customer first every time, every day, everywhere. Making our customers feel special energises us, which we do by delivering ‘brilliant basics’ (the little things, like greeting a customer, that moves them seamlessly through the sales process) and creating ‘magic moments’ (those special extra steps that delight customers make us memorable).

Caring about society

Each one of us plays our part in addressing global concerns through our local, everyday actions. We integrate an awareness of our environmental impact with responsible business decision-making, and we advance opportunities to reduce our industry’s bearing upon our planet.

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